This is a German made Academy Award Winning film from 2007.  I had been meaning to see this for awhile and I am glad I got around to it.  This was a very good film centered around a Stasi captain, Gerd Weisler, a true-believer in socialism.  In the opening scenes he demonstrates a complete incomprehension of the toll he takes on suspects with his interrogation techniques.  It just doesn’t cross his mind as something to be concerned about.

His superior officer is asked by a high ranking official to provide 24hr surveillance of a playwright, Dreyman.  We later learn it’s because said high ranking official is seeking to blackmail the Dreyman’s girlfriend into an affair.  When Gerd discovers this his socialistic ideals take a hit and he creates a situation where Dreyman will find out about the affair.  I think he believes they’ll fight and breakup and the official will get his woman and Gerd could leave this morally suspect assignment.  But that’s not what happens.  Instead Dreyman comforts his lover and in the process Gerd begins to identify with their love.

I could give you a plot summary but that would ruin a good movie.  Needless to say Gerd is transformed by witnessing unconditional love.  The situations get more and more complicated by outside forces until a tragic end.  This is a story of the transforming power of love, love that never met it’s other.  It’s also the story of doing good with no expectation of anyone knowing.  Gerd at the beginning of the film is one of the most despicable people ever put on the screen but by the end you cheer for him.  What an amazing film.