April 2008

I don’t usually write about news items unrelated to religion but since this has gotten no press coverage in the country I thought I’d help bring it to light.

You know that battle that the Iraqi government supposedly lost to the Shiite militias last month, as reported by CNN and NY Times.  Well it turns out that they were wrong as this article by the London Times suggests. 

Music is being played again.  Women can go to class and do not have to cover their heads.  Security is being established.  The work isn’t completed but it’s a far cry from what was reported a month ago by CNN and never contradicted thereafter.

Come join the Saint Pius X Young Adult community for a potluck dinner on Saturday, April 26 6:00 PM  at the Ramirez residence (6 Genoa Ct. Greensboro). This event is targeted to the entire Young Adult community from singles to families (kids are welcome).
Bring a dish or dessert to share if you dont have a clue on what to bring give us a call and we will figure something out. Drinks will be provided.
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Hear me out.  Obama and Bush seem to have more similarities than you may see at first.  Both were inexperienced when they sought the highest office.  Both were running as people who could heal the partisan divide.  Bush was a “uniter not a divider.”  Obama can heal the wounds of partisanship.  We all know Bush was full of bull.  And for those who looked closely you could tell Bush was very conservative in his first campaign.  But that’s water under the bridge, the critical question now is, Is Obama full of it?  Let’s look at his record and the positions he is running on.

First he was the most liberal senator in 2007 according to a computer analysis done by the National Journal.  Just so everyone’s knows it’s not just a one year fluke.  He ranked at the 10th and 16th his other two years.  Consistently more liberal than any other presidential candidate.


How can Obama say he wants to heal the wounds of partisanship when he’s the most partisan senator.

Let’s look at his positions.  He is adamantly pro-choice, never voting pro-life.  He has maintained a 100% score from NARAL (pro-choice advocacy) in all three years in the senate.  How can he heal this divide when he clearly sides with one side.


On the war in Iraq, he has consistently said he will bring the troops back on day 1 in office.  Only 46% (from a March 15-18, 2008 Gallup poll) of Americans believe we should remove our troops in the next year let alone tomorrow.  There is clearly a divide in the country on this issue but will you hear that discussed from Obama, some measure of conciliation.  No it’s more partisanship.

Health care his plan mirrored the other Democrat’s plans and didn’t include what is thought to be the key to universal health care, that is supported bipartisanly.  From the Washington Post

The lack of new ideas in Obama’s health plan in part reflects his approach. He has emphasized his freshness as a rationale for his candidacy, but that freshness has been much more about his tone and his rhetoric about hope and bipartisanship than his policy proposals, which have largely mirrored those of his 2008 rivals and the ideas that Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) offered in the 2004 presidential race.

One concept that Obama’s plan does not include is a popular idea from both Democrats and Republicans who work on health-care issues: an “individual mandate” that would require every American to buy health insurance. A landmark plan that was approved in Massachusetts last year made such a requirement, and without it, health experts say,

On the economy you get more of Obama being a democrat.  It’s hard to point to just one thing.  I’d point to his overall voting record.  To get a sense of his economic policies and votes check out this link


What this all comes down to, is that Barack Obama has consistently shown that he is democratic partisan.  How can he bring this country together if he only represents one half of the country.  He has yet to strike a conciliatory gesture to the Republicans.  Maybe we’ll see it when he is finally the Democratic nominee.  But during the primary he has been more Obama the Panderer than Obama the Healer.

A wonderful story about a family from Texas making a pilgramage to see the Pope in DC. 


I especially liked the end of the story when they get lost in Nortern Virginia and they call the only person they know in the area and he offers them his house on the spot.  Just a wonderful example of Christian living.

This is a German made Academy Award Winning film from 2007.  I had been meaning to see this for awhile and I am glad I got around to it.  This was a very good film centered around a Stasi captain, Gerd Weisler, a true-believer in socialism.  In the opening scenes he demonstrates a complete incomprehension of the toll he takes on suspects with his interrogation techniques.  It just doesn’t cross his mind as something to be concerned about.

His superior officer is asked by a high ranking official to provide 24hr surveillance of a playwright, Dreyman.  We later learn it’s because said high ranking official is seeking to blackmail the Dreyman’s girlfriend into an affair.  When Gerd discovers this his socialistic ideals take a hit and he creates a situation where Dreyman will find out about the affair.  I think he believes they’ll fight and breakup and the official will get his woman and Gerd could leave this morally suspect assignment.  But that’s not what happens.  Instead Dreyman comforts his lover and in the process Gerd begins to identify with their love.

I could give you a plot summary but that would ruin a good movie.  Needless to say Gerd is transformed by witnessing unconditional love.  The situations get more and more complicated by outside forces until a tragic end.  This is a story of the transforming power of love, love that never met it’s other.  It’s also the story of doing good with no expectation of anyone knowing.  Gerd at the beginning of the film is one of the most despicable people ever put on the screen but by the end you cheer for him.  What an amazing film.

There’s going to a lot of coverage of all things Catholic in the week because of the Papal visit.  Check out this group blog put together by the New York Times.