When people reminisce about love. They think of the exciting start to a new relationship, to the surge of feeling walking down the aisle at your wedding, they may even think of the comfortableness of knowing your spouse stills love you twenty years into a marriage, but I doubt many would think of the unconditional love of a husband watching his wife in love with another man. But that is exactly what this movie shows.

In the movie, a husband watches as his wife slowly loses her mind to Alzheimers. Forgetting that she is married to him she falls in love with another man. At first the man is jealous but at a certain point he accepts what life has dealt him. There is a touching scene in which a teenage girl mistakes him for a patient. Once she realizes her error, she asks why he isn’t with the person he is visiting. He says that she’s enjoying herself too much for him to interfere (with the other man). The girl assumes that the man the and woman at the distant table are husband and wife. The husband corrects her and tells her he is married to the woman. When she realizes the situation at first she shocked and then she is touched. That in a nut shell was my reaction to this movie. It is a bit shocking but in the end it is a movingly loving tale telling a very unique story.