A neat article from the NY Times about a church in New Mexico that is known as the “Lourdes of America.” It’s oddly titled as “A Pastor Begs to Differ With Flock on Miracles” and starts out

“It’s not the dirt that makes the miracles!” the Rev. Casimiro Roca said with exasperation.

From this you might assume that the miracle story is bogus but

Father Roca believes in miracles, too, but, he said, “They are the work of the Good Lord.”

“I always tell people that I have no faith in the dirt, I have faith in the Lord,” he said. “But people can believe what they want.”

I love to find stories like this.  We think of this country as an overwhelmingly Protestant country and sometimes mistakenly think that there are not holy places to visit just around the corner.  I wish I would have known about this church I would have loved to stopped when I made my cross country road trip eight years ago.

If you know of any other holy places around the country please share them with me.